Friday, April 15, 2011

Marian Rivera **(manequin looks)**

Marian Rivera Gracia a mixture of European and Asian blood.Her father Francisco Javier Gracia is a pure Spanish while Amelia, the mother of Marian is pure Filipina.
Marian Rivera Gracia was born on August 12, 1984 at Spain. When she is about two years old her mother went home at Cavite City,Philippines where Marian grew as well undergo her formal education from elementary until college. She took BS Psychology at La Salle Dasmarinas, Cavite.
Marian become a SPED( special education) teacher after a year she become a commercial TV model then an actress. She is well known for her Marimar(Tagalog/Filipino version)as well Dyesebel(mermaid). She is also good in dancing & singing(Chiquita, So Sexy, Sabay Sabay Tayo).
Marian Rivera Gracia has a lot of Television shows from Marimar,Dyesebel, Hinugot sa Tadyang, Spooky Nights:Bampirella, upcoming Amaya (Malayan princess story). Marian has a lot of movies one of those are Shake,Rattle..,Best friend Girlfriend, Endless Love, Super Inday the latest is Temptation Island. She is versatile actress of GMA 7 here in Diliman Quezon City.
Marian Rivera Gracia is very sweet, loving, hardworking, patient,humble, good cook, most of all God loving. These are the characteristics that a lot of people admire Marian or Yanyan to the extreme Dingdong Dantes( Jose Calixto Gonzales Dantes III)an actor/director who is in love to Marian. Dingdong is the latest fiance even engage to Marian.
Marian and Dingdong are the most sweet even lovable love team I ever admired of. All over the world they are well known due to the fact of their closeness beginning with Marimar TV series. Others said that Marian's career as an actress will soar down but as I observed they are mistaken, instead it soar up & up with flying colors! Kudos to Marian Rivera Gracia despite of trials even heavy intrigues in showbiz world Dingdong Dantes,Marian's fans as well family most of all Almighty God are behind Marian's inspiration even strength, whom serves as firewall of Marian success from the very beginning until Marian will retire in entertainment world.

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