Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera: Sweet Love Team

Jose (Dingdong) and Marian (as in Virgin Mary/ Maria) are very well known couple nowadays as a sweet love team since 2007 "Marimar".The love team they made rather form is one of my favorite love team ever here in Philippines. I could see the profoundness of their feelings to each other. Each one of them Marian as well Dingdong really support even defend if there are a lot of intrigues confronting them respectively. Meaning, the two never neglect,instead there is a so called support even concern.As the saying goes"If you love somebody,show it",so, the two show support because they love each other.
Marian also cook the best menu for Dong then, if ever Marian has a project Dong also ready to encourage Marian. The two lovers have faith,trust even true love to each other as in nobody will be left behind.Marian and Dingdong has very close bonding lately they will go for a vacation at Maldives Island somewhere in Indian Ocean(near India). Therefore, you can conclude Marian and Dingdong has the same in common rather the two are compatible,same birth month August (Leo). I do hope the two will marry soon! I keep on praying the two couple will stays longer as long as they never forget that they should have faith,love as well trust in each other, they will stay together.I could say "perfect love team" as in Endless Love.Their love never fades!God will bless them always.

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