Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ang Panday"The Blacksmith"

This will be shown on December 25,2011. Marian will portray as Eba. Her partner is no other than Senator Ramon "Bong"(Bautista)Revilla Jr. In here another challenging role will be going to unleash by Marian Rivera Gracia. We know that Marian is a versatile actress,whatever role will be given to her(Marian) she can be able to portray it well.
The most important here so, that the movie will be nice to watch is depends of course to the script writer as well as director. Script writer must create a very exciting role of each actors and actresses, villains as well protagonists. The story must run in a very exciting-thrilling way plus the sound and picture effects. The director of course will guide the actors even actresses to portray their role respectively in a proper way. Ang Panday(protagonist) acted by Bong Revilla will be the hero or savior of town folks who will fight the antagonist Lizardo.
The story essence is that Ang Panday( the blacksmith)will going to make a sword with power out from the falling star (bulalakaw) believed to have powers in it. The magic sword will help Flavio (ang panday) to defeat all his opponents.Therefore, at the end Flavio will be going to save his town folks and become a hero of the town people.Just watch the full trailer or movie on December 25, 2011.

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