Monday, April 18, 2011

Bampirella( Vampire) Story

Bampirella a TV series on GMA 7 which Marian Rivera starred lately. Would you believe that there is a vampire or blood sucking human? This is the image role of Marian but she is only condemned as one, therefore she did not made bad moves as what vampire does. Actually vampire bats there is but vampire humans only exist if that person will be exorcise with evil spirit/s.
It is only the same with cannibalism( eating flesh) voodoism ( satanic practice in Zaire,Africa) or witchcraft ( smart sorcerer). Witch means wizard or genius/ smart. But his cleverness/ wizard is only perform in evil acts. Therefore, witchcraft or sorcerer, vampire, cannibalism are only performed by person who have an evil spirit reside in their body/ies. But if you let Almighty God or Holy Spirit will reside in your body even at your home evil/ satan will flee away. Remember, just keep on praying to the Holy Spirit to protect you always against the evil one.

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