Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Healing Wonders Of Charcoal

The charcoal though you see it is a simple thing but its content can cure a lot of diseases.Any charcoal can do but much better if it is from fruit trees branch or even a bone of animal( cow,buffalo,goat.Crashed charcoal into pieces and put it on a colored cloth then pour some water to moisten the charcoal. Charcoal poultice(tapal) will make all the diseases you may have will be going to absorb,apply charcoal poultice from six( 6:00 pm)in the evening until five( 5:00 am)in the morning.Just put the poultice where the pain or disease located.All kinds of diseases will do(heart,kidney, lungs,migraine)if diabetes,loss vowel movement.. make it a drink just put charcoal in a clean cloth just as a strainer then the hot liquid make it a drink.Prevention is better than cure. If you feel uneasy apply charcoal poultice.
Refrain from eating too much meat even softdrinks as well as liquor since,we can get a lot of diseases from being carnivorous as well alcoholic.If you want to prolong your life, then keep on eating vegetables as well fruits and drink eight glasses of water per day.Exercise also like walkathon,dancing,yoga & martial arts well do.Don't sleep when you are full.Most of all healthy lifestyle with God as your partner at home.A family that prays together will stay forever.

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