Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Temptation of Wife ( Filipino/ Tagalog version)

The protagonist of Temptation of Wife a Philippine TV remake starring, Marian Rivera Gracia is called here Angeline Santos a martyr wife of Marcel Salcedo played by Dennis Trillo. The antagonists here are Glaiza de Castro as Heide as well as Cherrie Gil the mother of Marcel here.
Marian or Angeline here has a lot of sufferings here until such time she lost here baby just because of her mother in law Cherrie Gil. Cherrie Gil is not in favor of Angeline instead she wants Heidei because it is very sophisticated or fashionable.Whereas Angeline looks "lusyang" or old fashioned.
The story turns up side down since the daughter of  a rich woman named Chantal Gonzales (Ms. Madrigal) was lost and Angeline Santos who was tried to kill by means of drowning  of Marcel and Heide at the sea ( thinking Angeline was already killed) Marcel & Heide left Angeline. Afterwards the adopted son of Armada Gonzales  named Nigel  saved Angeline Santos from drowning at the sea. Angeline then  became the adopted daughter of Mrs. Armada Gonzales the mother of Chantal ( Madrigal) who was lost and Angeline as a replacement of the lost Chantal will portray the image daughter of Mrs. Armada.
 In this story Mrs. Gonzales will help Marian or Angeline to revive her status from a martyr wife of Marcel  towards a glamorous or a new brave spirited Angeline a.k.a. Chantal.
Both of them Mrs. Armada Gonzales and Angeline (Chantal ) will take a vengeance over the family of  Marcel Salcedo (Unloving / unfaithful husband of Angeline) and Heide ( unfaithful friend of Marian/ Angeline).
In short Angeline from a martyr wife will become a fighter woman, who will fight for her right being down trodden of the family of Marcel Salcedo (Dennis Trillo). In here Nigel and Chantal or Angeline will become sweet couples, and Heide who assumes that she is pregnant with a uterus cancer will take a suicide then Marcel who is unfaithful husband will try to save Heide at the sea will be joining to his concubine due to their  unbearable conscience which they commit sin over Angeline.

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