Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tweets For My Sweet

Marian Rivera has a new seat com this entitled Tweets For My Sweet." This 2012 again is the best year for Marian. Some say she will step down to stardom. Now look at Marian Rivera by God's grace she is blessed in everything she wants as long as it is good for her. Marian Rivera showed again her prowess in acting as a comedian. Whatever role that will given to her she portrayed it in very nice manner, you could say that Marian is really a versatile actress. I keep on watching her TV soap operas as will movies. I do hope the script writer will create the best story that will fit to Marian's capabilities as an actress. Best scriptwriter for best actress. The role fits also with Marian because she's best in cooking! This will be shown every Sunday at GMA 7 at exactly 6:00 pm after Sunday news.

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